Looking Toward the Future

We want to be serving you for many years to come so we are focused on adapting to a constantly changing business environment. With change comes opportunity.

At McNeal our emphasis is on technology and employee training and skills and we are excited about the future. Following is a brief glimpse into our future, and hopefully yours as well.  We are excited about the coming months.

Transactional printing and mailing
As equipment and software gets “smarter” (and more expensive), we see a continuing trend to outsource these processes to take the labor and human error out of the process, and also to reduce postage.

Database and list management
Database maintenance will have to be more sophisticated to facilitate cross media marketing, customer retention, lead management, and digital asset management.

Variable data/image printing
Personalized communications are effective and will get more traction as evidence of success grows.

Mobile (phone) marketing
It is clear that smart phones will supplant computers as the device of choice. QR codes (or something similar) will bring print and other media together. Mobile web development will be hot, hot, hot!

Cross media marketing
Finding the most effective mix of print, email, web, social and “the next big thing”.

Online vertical marketing
Expand our web presence to vertical markets.

If you are interested in any of the above we would love to hear more about your experience, and perhaps tell you a bit about our work.