Case Study

Promotional Products

We have a client that is a government contractor and they attend a trade show every year where they expect to make many successful contacts. Naturally they take a number of items (with their contact info of course) to give away. This year (2010) they took:

  • 1,000 3” x 3” adhesive notepads printed full color
  • 750 Blue transparent highliters, 1 color imprint
  • 750 lighted LED pens, laser engraved
  • 500 full color lanyards
  • 500 badge reels printed full color

The previous year, our busy client spent many hours locating and purchasing items for the trade show from various online merchants. It drove her crazy. Not only did she have to locate the items (from 5 different vendors) but she had to navigate their pricing and purchasing procedures, get samples, coordinate art and proofing, arrange payment, arrange shipping, and follow up to make sure the items were going to arrive on time.

This year she located items online that she liked and then handed the project off to us. Voila! She saved the company money (in one case, substantial) on every item, she dealt with one company (McNeal), she eliminated all of her headaches, and regained many lost hours. In other words, a very happy and satisfied customer!