Case Study

Fulfillment Project / Advertising Kit, Promotional Contest

1,000+ kits, 4 different brands, 15 items per kit

Our customer needed to produce, package, and distribute over 1,000 kits for a time sensitive promotion. Components included items furnished by the customer as well as items we supplied. All components were received in our warehouse.

Each promotional kit had items that were brand specific so we actually had four different kits to build and distribute. Though the kits had like items, branding was the difference in the final composed kit. It was critical that each of the 1,000+ locations receive correctly branded merchandise.

Kits contained brand specific rules and instructions, posters, entry forms, counter documents, prizes and game pieces. Each kit contained roughly fifteen unique items to be assembled, packed, labeled, and shipped. Obviously, set-up and precise execution of this project was not for amateurs.

In addition to kit construction, our team analyzed transit times and shipping methods to establish delivery priorities and best shipping value based on weight and number of pieces.

The end result: All kits were delivered on time, in great shape, and with the correct brand.


  1. Value: Our experienced and dedicated team allows us to plan and execute projects with precision. That, and our considerable leverage in sourcing components means our pricing is hard to beat.
  2. Accuracy: We leave no room for error. We thoroughly review kit components, customer expectations, and quality control procedures. Each kit is checked and double-checked to ensure that proper components are packed, packed safely, and shipped in a way to arrive safely and ready to display.
  3. Efficiency: Work smart. We get a clear understanding of the project and develop a plan to get it done. Before beginning we check that every component is onsite, in perfect condition, and staged properly, saving time when actual construction begins. Stopping and starting a complex project is not an option.
  4. Peace of Mind: Customers trust us with their projects because they know us and know we are deeply invested in their success. They know their project will be hand held by a coordinator who will not sleep until the project is built, shipped, and delivered safely and soundly to the end user.