Catalogs, Books and Magazines

The catalog division of McNeal Graphics was formerly Drumwright & Company, a business started by Gerald Drumwright in 1981.

We specialize in catalog, book, manual and magazine printing for corporations, non-profits, and professional organizations. You won’t find a wider range of sizes, binding options, and printing choices. Quantities from 1 to 100,000.

You may be interested in our mailing lists and mailing services for catalogs and publications.

We also offer economical publication design, illustration and layout services, and publish to CD and the internet.

Please contact Gerald to discuss your project:

office:  901.744.1244  |  mobile:  901.489.7961  |

“What they didn’t realize is that catalog printing, like many printed products, is highly specialized.”

Case Study
Learn how McNeal Graphics cut production time, increased quality and saved the client $10K on a catalog printing and distribution project. >>